Recently my sister got sore eyes and to prevent it from spreading in the house, I thought for an eye drop that will heal it faster. The good thing is I I know that Healing Galing (a program in radio) has an eye drop that they claim to be very effective in any eye condition.

Actually, I haven’t tried it before and now it is my opportunity to test its effectiveness.

Is it really effective or not? Let’s get started!

PRODUCT OVERVIEW (Product Claims/ Benefits)

Healing Galing Eye Drop:

Improves eye sight

Prevents Glaucoma & Cataract

Effective for sore eyes

Help varnish eye floaters


10 ml per bottle


1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day or as needed


It is recommended for cataract, glaucoma, eye floaters, dry, teary and sore eyes.


I bought mine in Quiapo Branch.

You can check their website at or text their hotline number 09214450355 to know their branches/location.

PRICE (price may change, be guided accordingly)



  1. Affordable and effective.
  2. It is cold in the eye.


  1. It doesn’t have any information aside from the words “healing galling eye drop” printed on the label. No ingredients information, expiration date etc.
  2. It is not available in local drug stores you have to know their distributor location to purchase.




♥♥♥ – I am satisfied using this product

♥♥ – I am not convinced using this product

♥ – I don’t want to use this product again


Since my sister has sore eyes for almost 2 days, she can’t open it quickly in the morning. So the night before she goes to bed, I put 3 drops of Healing Galing eye drop in her eyes, and the next morning, she was so happy because she opened her eyes without any drama from her morning star! The redness in her eyes also lessen. Then the next day, it was completely healed! But to make sure we still continue to use it for 2 more days to make sure that it was really healed.

According to Dr. Edinell Calvario (a veteran broadcaster, journalist, naturopathy practitioner and the adviser of the show), if on the first drop it hurts, that is normal, it only means that you have an eye problem. But when my sister uses it, she did not experience any eye irritation even if she have sore eyes.

Will I purchase again? Yes! I found it as the cheapest, very effective and fast to cure sore eyes.

DISCLAIMER: The reviews stated here are my honest, personal experience and/or insights using the product and it doesn’t mean that you may get the same result as I did. It may give you same effect or the other way around.

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