I am one of the people out there who loves to save from products or services of the brand that I want to try. I am an explorer of discounts!

It’s been a year now since I had my last hair color, and now that Holiday is coming, I decided to treat myself to a new one.

So, after a lot of searching on the internet, I come up with DAVID’S SALON HAIR COLOR TREATMENT for only P799 instead of P2,500. Is it a big discount? Of course YES! It is 68% OFF of the original price.

Why David Salon?

Well, this is one of the well-established names in hair styling. It offers world-class hairdressing, fueled by Filipino. They claim that their staff was well-trained hair stylists so you can be sure that your hair is in good hands. It is now the biggest chain of salons in the Philippines with over 200 branches all over the country. Services they offer include Hair Styling, Hair Color, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Perming, Relaxing, Rebonding, makeup, Waxing/ Threading, Nail Care, and Hand and Foot Spas.


HAIR COLOR TREATMENT for only P799 instead of P2,500


90 Kamias Rd, Quezon City.


  1. I arrived early so I didn’t have to wait to be assisted. After choosing the color that I want, we started right away.
  2. Their staffs are accommodating.
  3. The hairstylist who assists me is not a sales lady! Hehe. She did not insult my hair! (in insult, I mean she did not say: your hair is so dry, you should try our treatment etc. etc. that I experience in another salon).
  4. She informed me about the ongoing sale/promo of their products that I can avail to make my hair color last longer but she did not force me (in force, I mean, keep on trying to sell the products to me until I said yes).
  5. I like the way my stylist massage my head to ensure that the color is evenly distributed, it is relaxing! hehe


  1. I have two hair stylists (a boy and a girl), in my observation, when other stylists (a senior maybe, I’m not sure because he is not wearing uniform or id) need the girl to assist them she follows their instruction and leave me even if she is not yet finished in what she is doing, then the boy stylist came to me and continue what she left behind. Since it is a hair color, it needs time to settle first before washing again. And after a few minutes, the girl came back and then finish my hair color process.
  2. They did not give me an ear cover which is commonly present in some salon, I experience itchiness in my ear because of the chemical touching it but on the other side after informing my hairstylist what I am feeling, he wiped off the chemical in my ear and relieves my itchiness.

Here is the picture of my colored hair, i was not able to capture the BEFORE  photo to compare =)

MY NEWLY COLORED HAIR (light ash blonde)


Note: I just had my hair color here and no other treatment




♥♥♥ – I am satisfied

♥♥ – I am not happy with the result, services, etc.

♥ – I will not come back anymore


It is a new experience to try David’s Salon Kamias, after choosing a hair color that i want to have, the stylist suggested a different shade that according to him is much better for the condition of my hair. I did not insist what i like because I trust him in knowing what is good for my hair.

However, my expectation is not fulfilled, (‘yung kulay doon sa chart ng mga kulay ng buhok na pinakita niya sa akin before kami mag start eh malayo sa actual na kinalabasan). I assume na lang na, siguro ganun talaga pag promo? Hindi ka dapat mag expect?

Will i go back? Well, Maybe, but i think by that time i will try their services that are not in promotion to see the difference.

DISCLAIMER: The reviews stated here are my honest, personal experience and/or insights availing the service and it doesn’t mean that you may get the same result as I did. It may give you same effect or the other way around.

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